Below are some key resources about NTDs, the impact on NTDs on global health and what we can do to eliminate NTDs:

Community-based health care, including outreach and campaigns, in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic interim guidance 5 May 2020 (World Health Organization)

Briefing Document for Neglected Tropical Diseases (Uniting to Combat NTDs)

Defeating Neglected Tropical Diseases: Progress, Challenges and Opportunities (World Health Organization)

Female Genital Schistosomiasis Policy Brief (English) (Uniting to Combat NTDs)

London Declaration (Uniting to Combat NTDs)

Neglected Tropical Diseases: Women and Girls in Focus (English) (French) (Uniting to Combat NTDs)

Reaching girls and women of reproductive age with deworming (Uniting to Combat NTDs)

Why worm infections matter! (Dr. Theresa Gyorkos)