CNNTD AWARD for Outstanding Canadian NTD Research Paper, 2024

In honour of World Neglected Tropical Diseases (NTD) Day, 30 January 2024, the Canadian Network for  Neglected Tropical Diseases (CNNTD) is pleased to launch an Awards competition to recognize an  outstanding Canadian partnership research contribution in the field of neglected tropical diseases. This  contribution will focus on research published in the scientific peer-reviewed literature. One  paper will be selected by a CNNTD Selection Committee from all submissions received by the deadline  date. The award will be presented at public venue in Canada in 2024.

Deadline for submission: April 30, 2024 at midnight EST.

Work Judged Outstanding: The research is of great merit, relevance and impact.

Research paper: A full-length research manuscript which has been published in a peer-reviewed scientific  journal, indexed in PubMed, in English, French or Spanish, in 2023. The research can include research  conducted in the laboratory, in the field, or as a review. (Editorials, abstracts, viewpoints, commentaries,  letters, or short communications, are excluded.)

NTD: The manuscript must report research focused on one or more of the 20 neglected tropical diseases  as recognized by WHO. These include: Buruli ulcer; Chagas disease; dengue and chikungunya;  dracunculiasis; echinococcosis; foodborne trematodiases; human African trypanosomiasis; leishmaniasis;  leprosy; lymphatic filariasis; mycetoma, chromoblastomycosis and other deep mycoses; onchocerciasis;  rabies; scabies and other ectoparasitoses; schistosomiasis; soil-transmitted helminthiases; snakebite  envenoming; taeniasis/cysticercosis; trachoma; noma; and yaws and other endemic treponematoses.

Eligible researchers: Any researcher based at a Canadian academic or research institution: graduate  student, postdoctoral fellow, scientist or faculty member. The primary (first) or senior (last) author must  be a researcher based at a Canadian academic or research institution. There is no limit to the number or  location of other authors.

Evaluation criteria: Papers will be evaluated on the following criteria: relevance; scientific rigor; impact.

Guidelines for submission (2 steps):

Step 1: Complete the online fillable form here.

Step 2: Attach the pdf of or a link to the paper.

This research award is the first in a series of annual awards celebrating Canadian contributions to  achieving the WHO 2030 NTD Roadmap goals. Subsequent awards will celebrate contributions from  Canadian partner organizations and teams.

Evaluation criteria (with scoring weights):

Relevance (20 %)

  • The topic addresses a recognized and important research gap.

Scientific rigor (40 %)

  • Study design is appropriate for the research question.
  • Methods are appropriate and there is evidence of rigor in their application.
  • Evidence of quality in execution of research (e.g. double entry of collected data; quality control in laboratory assessments; supervision of tasks conducted in the field, etc.)
  • Errors/limitations are identified, with appropriate explanation or mitigation.

Impact (40 %)

  • The results will have clearly identifiable direct or indirect benefits for people suffering from the NTD(s) studied (e.g. benefits can include increased knowledge of the epidemiology of the NTD(s); improvements in preventive interventions or treatments; new study instruments or  methods for the study of the NTDs, etc.)