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With its rapid public-health responsiveness and robust surveillance systems, the African region has deployed a remarkable and coordinated response to COVID-19. However, the pandemic has also exacerbated global inequalities in access to vaccines, diagnostics, treatments, and health services, exposing how easily international cooperation and multilateral agreements can fail. The response to the pandemic has also highlighted the extent to which global health policies and resources are controlled largely by the global north.

COVID-19 has exposed fault lines in the global health architecture and intensified focus on countries setting national health agendas, amplifying the call on leaders in the global south to strengthen and invest in their health systems, and position themselves as world leaders in fighting infectious diseases.

This interactive event provides a platform for NGOs, ministries of health, and malaria and NTD programme health leaders to share their experiences, insights and perspectives on equity in global health. Join us for a dynamic session for constructive change within the African context.

Speakers will include:

Professor Abdisalan Noor – Head, Strategic Information for Response Unit, Global Malaria Programme, WHO. (Kenya)

Olivia Ngou – Directrice exécutive, Impact Sante Afrique; Global Coordinator, Civil Society for Malaria Elimination. (Cameroon)

Dr Perpetua Uhomoibhi – National Coordinator, National Malaria Elimination Programme, Ministry of Health Nigeria. (Nigeria)

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