NTDs should be neglected no longer

The Canadian Network for NTDs is a network of interested Canadian individuals and organizations who aim to mobilize Canadian action to end suffering from NTDs.

Our mission is to generate interest and support from the Canadian public about NTDs, and advocate for the elimination of NTDs to be a key part of Canada’s global health priorities. Our network of global health practitioners and researchers provide world-class insight and support for Canadian policy on NTDs.

We believe that addressing NTDs is the missing piece to improved global health. Canadian investment to eliminate NTDs will help reduce global health inequities and establish more resilient health systems.

Advocacy and Policy Officer – Amy Davis

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Amy has over eight years’ experience in the public service and the not-for-profit sector. Since moving to Canada from New Zealand in 2019, Amy has used her federal government experience in work as a policy lead with an independent Canadian public policy advocacy organization. Amy is experienced in developing social service programs and implementing operational projects. She enjoys working closely with different organizations to tackle problems and communicate solutions.

Canadian Student and Young Professional Ambassador for NTDs – Katrina Bouzanis

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Katrina is a recent graduate from McMaster University’s MSc. Global Health Program, and has a background in microbiology, immunology and infectious diseases research. Since embarking on her global health studies, Katrina has been involved in various global health research projects. She is particularly interested in infectious disease care, global health policy, health equity and the social determinants of health. She is passionate about engaging students and young professionals to tackle global health challenges.